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In this game, you are able to smith different forms of all sorts of different weapons and armor.

Normal Sword MaxBPAdd=50% Off=0.75x

Copper Sword MaxBPAdd=65% Off=0.75x

Bronze Sword MaxBPAdd=60% Off=0.8x

Iron Sword MaxBPAdd=85% Off=0.7x

Mythril Sword MaxBPAdd=50% Off=0.9x

Masterwork Sword MaxBPAdd=80% Off=0.75x


Normal Hammer MaxBPAdd=65% Off=0.75x Spd=0.85x

Copper Hammer MaxBPAdd=80% Off=0.75x Spd=0.85x

Bronze Hammer MaxBPAdd=70% Off=0.8x Spd=0.85x

Iron Hammer MaxBPAdd=100% Off=0.75x Spd=0.8x

Mythril Hammer MaxBPAdd=75% Off=0.8x Spd=0.9x

Masterwork Hammer MaxBPAdd=100% Off=0.75x Spd=0.85x


Normal Gauntlets MaxBPAdd=10%

Copper Gauntlets MaxBPAdd=15%

Bronze Gauntlets MaxBPAdd=20%

Iron Gauntlets MaxBPAdd=25%

Mythril Gauntlets MaxBPAdd=27%

Masterwork Gauntlets MaxBPAdd=30%


Normal Armor: 1.13 End for 0.85 Spd

Copper Armor: 150 Max Durability, 1.13 End for 0.85 Spd

Bronze Armor: 120 Durability, 0.8 Speed for 1.15 End

Iron Armor: 150 Durability, 0.7 Speed for 1.18 End

Mythril Armor: 170 Durability, 1.0 Speed for 1.0 Endurance

Masterwork Armor: 200 Durability, 0.9 speed for boosted defensive BP by 15%