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Game Guide (v 1.0)[edit]


This guide will help new players learn how to effectively play the game and make the most of their time while also revealing some of the more nuanced mechanics that experienced players can benefit from. This will not be a roleplaying guide, as those can be found in many locations online and within the outdated guide available in game. This guide is designed to focus on explaining the systems and mechanics of the game. It will be assumed that you are familiar with text based roleplaying games and understand the expectation to roleplay or emote your character’s actions within the game world. It is also expected that you have at least a passing familiarity with dragon ball; you should know what a super saiyan is, know what a ki blast, etc.

Roleplay Tenkaichi is designed by a core team of people that each boast over a decade of experience on the BYOND platform and text-based roleplay. Many of the systems within the game are similar to other systems found within the ‘dragon ball roleplay’ genre, but many of the systems are in direct contradiction to what previous games have done as well, so it is important to approach this game with an open mind. In addition to reading this guide, you are highly encouraged to join the game’s discord server and participate in discussion.

Roleplay Tenkaichi is based around a 70(ish) day wipe system where the game will start anew after 70 days. During this period the game will go through various eras and races and builds will have their strong moments and their weak moments. Because the game is balanced around the entirety of a wipe, it is important to consider your choices alongside your own playstyle. Certain races are better for someone that can commit to a long wipe whereas others are better for people that may only have a few weeks to play actively.


In Roleplay Tenkaichi (RT from here), each player character has many different variables that would be considered stats. The core stats are Battle Power, Energy, Strength, Endurance, Force, Speed, Offense, Defense, Regneration and Recovery. There are many other stats that affect a character, but the core stats are the most important. Of the core stats, everything except Regeneration and Recovery can be improved upon through one form of training or another. Below I will explain some of the stats you will encounter in your average wipe of RT.




Buffs in RT function generally as “good things” as opposed to trade offs. The generic buffs are magic force, muscle force and focus. A regular character will unlock all three at a given point throughout a wipe, usually within the first few weeks. Magic Force and Muscle Force boost strength/force and nerf the other, so they will cancel out their stat boosts while being used together. Because of this, it is very important to replace whichever one is less effective at the first opportunity, usually your racial buff or a rank buff. When this stage occurs within the wipe people’s offensive capabilities spike and with this switch, endurance loses some of its effectiveness and defense becomes more effective. Additional rank buffs or later racials and transformations can eventually take the place of the remaining muscle/magic force and/or focus, but most characters will stick with this core buff composition of muscle/magic force, focus and their racial.

Racial Transformations/Buffs unlock in various tiers. The tiers in which they unlock are measured in ‘true BP’ which is your Base BP (which is BP while at a 1x Multiplier and divided by your gravity boost, which you can see by clicking the gravity object in status tab) divided by your BP Mod(which can be seen when creating a character. Most transformations are granted automatically except the first few super saiyans. Even though they are automatically granted, it is still expected your roleplay their unlock and usage.

Tier1 100000, Tier2 270000, Tier3 400000, Tier4 1600000, Tier5 2700000

Stances serve as slotless ‘buffs’ that do not affect BP. It is because they do not take a slot that they grant no BP. Ranks start with stances and nonranks can be taught or develop their own for a large amount of milestone points. Stances have up to 5 points to invest in the six core combat stats, each stat no more than 2 points and each point granting 10% in that stat. Because of the way that they are taught out and ‘trickle down’ stances start the wipe in a very powerful position and become commonplace towards the later stages of the early wipe and a downright requirement for competitive fights in the midwipe.