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Welcome to the Roleplay Tenkaichi Wiki page!

Fully immerse yourself in the world of Dragonball! Join us in this 100% Roleplaying game, with a strategic training system combined with an intriguing and ever improving battle system! We are different from other Dragonball roleplaying games in that our development process is collaborative with and driven by the playerbase through the use of our discord.

You will be able to immerse yourself into the world and become your character, choose the route you wish to take, whether it be becoming a melee warrior with a focus on combo attacks, a ki user with lots of energy and skills, or a swordsman who doubles as a blacksmith!

The game uses familiar building systems and technology and magic framework to other Dragonball roleplaying games, but the way that we handle progression in science or mysticism is very different. Just as each warrior devotes time and milestone points(a special resource earned once per in game year) towards being a better fighter, a mage or technician must devote their own time and milestone points towards being their best.

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